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PMR 700 Intelligent motor protectoricon


Cross core current input, the maximum input current up to 800A;
The partial design between the host computer and current input, small volume, convenient installation;
Modbus, profibus is optional;
Full range of protection, control and measurement for motor;
It can be used either standalone or connection panel;
Can achieve the signal output of operation voltage, circuit, frequency and analog of the motor, the real time display of power factor and other parameters;
Send the fault information when the motor protection acts;
Can look over information of motor stop, alarm and restart;
Can set all the parameters of the protection function of motor;
Can reset the motor when stop or fault.

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Application Solutions

PMR 700 intelligent motor protector is full protection, control and measurement for E-motor which is real-time display for voltage/ current/ frequency/ output signal/ power factor, on-off controlling, fault alarming and resetting. The application is full control and protection for E-motor.

PMR 700 Intelligent motor protector
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