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Ex9QC Electromagnetic startericon


Product standards: IEC/EN 60947-4-1 GB 14048.4
Product certificate: CCC CE CB
Control E-motor power: AC-3(380V/415V):5.5kW 18.5kW
Rated working current: 12A 38A
Working frequency: 30times/H
Protection class: IP65

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Application Solutions

Electromagnetic starter is used to control the making or breaking of contactor by external signal and thermal relay combination and installed in the same metal box, the external switch signals to control according to the contact device connected and points to break, mainly used for exchange 50/60 Hz, rated voltage to 415 V, in AC-3 use category rated power to control under 18.5 kW circuit, used as a control motor start and stop, thermal relay to protect the motor of overload and the role of the broken phase.

Ex9QC Electromagnetic starter
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