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Ex9ASD Load Switchicon


Product standard: IEC 60947.1、IEC 60947.3、GB 14048-1、GB 14048-3
Product certificate: CCC, CB,CE
Product pole: 3P, 4P
Version: Fixed, Withdrawable
Breaking capacity: 42KA(1S)、85kA(1S)
Product model: Ex9ASD04/06/08/10/12/16/16b/20/25/29/32/36/40
Rated current: 400A-4000A
Protection class: IP40
Working temperature: -40℃ - 70℃

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Application Solutions

For the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 380/400/415/660/690V, are widely used in the low-voltage application of residential building, commercial building, industry, power supplying, and other basic infrastructure to protect from overload, short circuit, isolation.

Ex9ASD Load Switch
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