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Polarity Insensitive Small-scale Circuit Breaker Upgrades

07/30/2012 - 18:16

NOARK small-scale DC circuit breaker EX9BP quickly occupied half of the photovoltaic solar energy market after it was launched. After half a year’s study, NOARK launched the new generation of product EX9BP, which successfully solved the problem of unstable breaking frequency in critical current.

NOARK small-scale DC circuit breaker EX9BP is polarity insensitive, and can be produced by only two companies in this industry. NOARK is one of them. Depending on this advantage, NOARK won a large number of orders from Australia photovoltaic market last year. In application, engineers found when the current is very small; circuit breaker would be unstable and unsafe. Though there was no clear definition by the related standard, in order to improve product reliability under extreme conditions, NOARK engineers studied for half a year and finally upgraded the product, enhanced its reliability and reduce the damages to it. The upgrading of this product built a strong foundation for NOARK’s leading position in photovoltaic market.