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Welcome to NOARK Electric Europe

07/24/2012 - 13:33

We are happy to present you the NOARK Electric Europe, which is the company branch responsible for the development in Europe.
NOARK Electric Europe was established 15.6.2011. The company is located in Prague, capital of the Czech republic. The CEO for Europe is Mr. Jaroslav Šuda, who has significant experience in electrotechnical industry.

During the first phase we built the infrastructure – worked on products certifications, prepared the catalogues, arranged the offices, warehouse and hired the core team. This process we managed in a short time and already 1.9.2011 the company moved to the offices, located on the suburb of the city, we had the core team on board and focused on preparations for sales. The first  shipment from the warehouse was 17.10.2011. The first NOARK customer in Europe was K+V Elektro, which is the biggest private owned wholesaler in the Czech republic. K+V became strategic partner to NOARK.

The sales focus is on countries located in central and eastern Europe, where there is the fastest development and biggest potential in Europe. Step by step we are starting the sales in new countries and introducing NOARK brand to new customers.  

Our first countries were Czech republic, Slovakia, followed by Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).
1.11.2011 was established the company in Romania, in the capital Bucharest. Starting from 1.12.2011 NOARK has its offices also in Poland, located in Poznan, big town in the country. At this moment we have our representatives also in Bulgaria.

During the year 2012 we will focus on developing the business in countries of central and eastern Europe.
At this moment the organization in Europe employs nearly 40 people, when majority of them is focused on sales activities. Minor services in the countries are outsourced, when we cooperate with small local companies.

To start the business in Europe is a tough job and we are very happy to receive the support from Shanghai team in different areas – product management, logistics, marketing, HR and finance.